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About Us

BicycleBlueBook.com is a first of its kind valuation authority, designed to provide cycling enthusiasts with the safest and the easiest way to assess the value of a bike and sell it online. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of bicycle enthusiasts who shared a common interest in the secondary bicycle market online. The common theme that the founders always asked themselves was "How much is this bike worth?" To answer that question, and to find a home for the countless number of high-end bicycles sitting in garages, storage units or attics, they created an online destination where these bikes could find new homes for appreciative owners and sellers.

As cycling enthusiasts and members of the community, BicycleBlueBook.com is interested in making sure that the secondary online bicycling experience is a complete success from the time consumers look for a potential bike to the time they are ready to purchase. With tools such as the BicycleBlueBook.com Value Engine, consumers are given bicycle data based on millions of actual sales transactions. To protect consumers from the threat of online fraud, BicycleBlueBook.com created the Retail Partner Inspection Concept, where partner bike shops would inspect bikes before sales were final, and then would box and ship the bikes to consumers. To also provide a safe and secure online marketplace where consumers could buy and sell bikes, the BicycleBlueBook.com Marketplace was created. Consumers don't need to look anywhere else but BicycleBlueBook.com, a one-stop online valuation and shopping destination for the used bicycle market.


Jeff Farrell, President
Jeff Farrell is the president of BicycleBlueBook.com. He founded the company based on his two main loves: bicycling and the Internet. Jeff has been an avid mountain bike rider for over twenty years and still currently out there on the trails as a recreational rider. Prior to BicycleBlueBook.com, Jeff has been involved in many startups including retail (Pet Supply Superstores), media content and technology companies. Jeff is based in San Jose, CA.

Bill Ruffner, Vice President of Operations
Bill is the vice president of marketing for BicycleBlueBook.com overseeing the company's marketing direction along with its retail partner program. With over 30 years' experience of managing and owning bike shops, Bill possesses an acute understanding of the secondary bicycle market. When BicycleBlueBook.com was formed in 2011, Bill ran the internal test used bike shop where the company bought and sold used bikes in order to develop a better understanding of the market. He is a former triathlete that now competes on the company's master amateur road race team: BicycleBlueBook.com Racing. In his spare time, Bill keeps his mechanic skills sharp by tuning and repairing the team bikes as well as servicing bikes for his family and friends.

Ryan Yee, Marketing Director and Industry Advisor
Ryan provides BicycleBlueBook.com valuable industry connections and guidance that are necessary to be accepted and succeed. Ryan’s experience as a professional cyclist, National race promoter, Professional Cycling Team General Manager, and Editorial Journalist, all assist with the business development and operations of BicycleBlueBook.com. Ryan also brings industry credibility to the company, which has helped us create a strong brand in less than three years. Ryan oversees all website advertising and works closely with Bill and Jeff on both day-to-day operations and the future updates for the Value Guide and Marketplace.

Matt Pangborn, Head of Technology
Matt’s involvement in the technology market has consistently ended in success under a variety of different roles. Prior to his Ownership & current position as the Head of Technology for BicycleBlueBook.com, Matt led business and corporate development for CyberArts Licensing, ultimately successfully selling the Company in October of 2011 to Fertitta Entertainment (owners of the UFC). Matt has also managed social gaming, casino and online entertainment verticals for two leading boutique investment banks. His experience in mobile operations, product development, and interactive media provides a unique resource to BicycleBlueBook.com. Matt holds a B.S in International Finance from the University of South Carolina and both J.D. and LL.M degrees from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

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