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How It Works

How it works

Our database contains 7+ years of transaction data for bikes built all the way back in 1993!

  1. Get a super-accurate valuation of your used bike.
  2. List your bike for sale on our Marketplace.
  3. Our Retail Partners inspect and ship your bike.
  4. You get a fair price for your used bike.
The BicycleBlueBook.com Promise:

Our database contains 7+ years of transaction data for bikes built all the way back in 1993. Using a number of sources including data from Ebay for used bicycle sales and a proprietary algorithm crafted by a combination of bicycle industry veterans and technology experts, we feel confident that this is the best used bike valuation tool you'll find anywhere online.

Accuracy Matters

We've pored over two million sales records – both for bicycles and bike related items – from many different sources including our own Marketplace and data from Ebay, filtering out the good data from the bad. From that good data, we can give you the most comprehensive, reliable, accurate, up-to-date valuation for your used bicycle based on make, model, year, and MSRP. In fact, if we don't have all of the necessary information, you're the first one to know. Wrong valuation is no valuation at all. That's why data is our top priority.

It Makes Sense for Sellers

We make selling your used bike fast. Many sellers – particularly brick and mortar retailers – need anywhere from 24 hours to a full week to determine a used bike's value. With BicycleBlueBook.com, numbers are set, explanations are thorough, and the valuation process is streamlined into something that's as simple as filling out a form (it's not a boring form because it has pictures).

It Makes Sense for Buyers, Too

Buyers trust BicycleBlueBook.com for the most accurate used bicycle values. Gone are the days of wondering why this Cannondale 29'er Caffeine 2 is $1200 and that Cannondale 29'er Caffeine 2 is $2000. When a buyer inputs details in our Value Engine, detailed descriptions of all factors contributing to price are at their beck and call.

Why BicycleBlueBook.com

In addition to being the most accurate valuation for used bikes available on the web, we also make sure that the best interests of both parties are met at all times. All listings in the BicycleBlueBook.com Marketplace are verified by our Certified Retail Partners, photos of every bike listed are required, and absolutely no money changes hands until a used bike goes through a detailed inspection process with one of our Retail Partners.


Buy, sell, and trade your used bikes with confidence. Each listing will stack the asking price right on top of the BicycleBlueBook.com valuation, so there's no need to wonder if the wool's being pulled over your eyes. There are some pretty sweet featured listings up top, too. If you'd like to know how to make your listing a superstar, let us know.


Selling through the BicycleBlueBook.com's marketplace is simple. Once your bicycle is purchased and passes inspection, we collect an 8% fee on the sales price or a maximum of $250, and for only $50, a Retail Partner can box and ship the bicycle for you. Bicycles located miles away can be delivered to your doorstep for $100, complete with a BicycleBlueBook.com inspection.

Bike Values

There are a LOT of bikes in this database. Hundreds of brands and models, dating all the way back to 1993. We're giving you this sweet filter set to make finding the valuation of your used bike a little bit easier. Feel free to browse, too. Got $500? Adjust that slider. Looking for a sweet cruiser for the boardwalk but don't have the foggiest idea where to start? Go ahead and search by bike type. We're all about options.

The most comprehensive, most reliable, most accurate,
and most up-to-date valuation for your bicycle