2017 Day 6 Bicycles Journey Electric
2017 Day 6 Bicycles Journey Electric

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Bicycle Condition
Private Party Value
$1391 - $1431
Very Good
$1324 - $1364
$1207 - $1244
$869 - $896

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Product Details

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Factory Description

The Journey Electric from Day 6 Bicycles makes it easy to get out on a bike every day. It features a 350-watt Bafang mid drive electric motor that will swiftly carry you miles on a single charge. Pedal for exercise or for fun and you'll extend the battery range. The Journey offers the simplicity, weatherproofness, and low-maintenance of a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internally-geared rear hub. This means you can pedal up and down moderate hills with ease and shift anytime, even when standing still. On top of the convenience of going electric, this bike comes standard with every comfort and ergonomic feature you’ll find on all Day 6 bikes! The wide Contour Seat supports you much more comfortably than a regular bike seat and comes with a backrest to ensure proper spine alignment and low-back support. The aluminum U-First frame is easy to get on and off and makes it easy to put your feet on the ground while seated for safety and confidence. And, even with all these comfort-features, you still get full range of motion for your legs, which means efficient pedaling and less fatigue, with or without electric assist. Throw in an aluminum EZ Reach handlebar, puncture-resistant tires, and strong linear-pull brakes, and you’re ready for anything!