Our Story

BicycleBlueBook.com is a first of its kind valuation authority, designed to provide cycling enthusiasts with the safest and the easiest way to assess the value of a bike. The company was founded in 2011 by a group of bicycle enthusiasts who shared a common interest in the secondary bicycle market. The common theme that the founders always asked themselves was "What's this bike worth'" To answer that question they set out on a journey acquiring bicycle sales data and forming technology partnerships, along the way created BicycleBlueBook.com. Now cyclists everywhere can find out what their bike's worth.

As cycling enthusiasts and members of the community, BicycleBlueBook.com is interested in making sure that the secondary online bicycling experience is a complete success from the time consumers look for a potential bike to the time they are ready to purchase. With tools such as the BicycleBlueBook.com Value Engine, consumers are given bicycle data based on millions of actual sales transactions.

The Marketplace was created to provide a safe and secure destination where consumers can purchase bikes. Consumers don't need to look anywhere else but BicycleBlueBook.com, a one-stop online valuation and shopping destination for the used bicycle market.