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Verified Stores

Verified Stores in the Bicycle Blue Book Marketplace are businesses selling new and used products. Each account is required to be verified by Bicycle Blue Book, have a valid reseller's permit for the state in which they operate, and collect sales tax as necessary. Once approved, Verified Stores will gain access to our sales dashboard and analytics tools.

As part of the Marketplace selling experience, our Verified Stores are also committed to ensuring a positive customer experience. Considering they are a separate business entity selling their products on an independent ecommerce platform, Verified Stores are responsible for managing all related sales, returns, exchanges, warranties, and customer service matters, not Bicycle Blue Book.

If a buyer experiences an issue with their order, it is the Verified Store’s responsibility to work with them to resolve the issue. In all cases, your Store’s return policy must be made clear to the customer in the item listing(s).

Direct Sellers, Buyers, and Local Classifieds

As a Direct Seller, you are utilizing our nationwide selling platform and accepting online payment for your sold item(s). Buyers and sellers alike are screened using Kount Identity Verification along with other online fraud verification software. All listings must be shipped using Bicycle Blue Book’s integrated shipping service to ensure accurate tracking information for the buyer and seller. The buyer has up to two (2) days after delivery to report any issues with the item(s) purchased to the seller prior to the escrow account funds being distributed. All disputes are handled between the buyer and seller; Bicycle Blue Book will not mediate or manage any disputes. It is the Direct Seller’s responsibility to provide a detailed description of the item being sold, including any damage or blemishes. When the listing is created, you can decide whether or not you will offer returns. If you decide to offer returns, then you can select whether the return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer or the seller. If a buyer requests a refund/return you will be notified via email and receive an account notification.

As a buyer using our Direct Seller network or Local Classifieds, it is your responsibility to read the entire marketplace listing, view the photographs, and communicate with the seller to understand what you are purchasing. If you have any questions about the item, contact the seller using our secure messaging service. If at any time the seller asks you to transact outside of our system, report them and do not proceed with your purchase. All disputes are to be handled between buyers and sellers, including Direct Sellers and Local Classifieds listings.

Local Classifieds are different from Direct Seller listings as the payment and shipment for the items do not go through Bicycle Blue Book. Sellers and buyers are encouraged to transact locally and do not go through the same verification process as those using our Direct Seller network. Bicycle Blue Book recommends Local Classified buyers and sellers to transact in-person only when you feel comfortable enough based on your mutual communication. It is advisable to meet up with a companion in a public venue or in front of a police station to increase safety. Do not submit or accept payment ahead of time or agree to ship or receive an item as this increases the likelihood of a fraudulent transaction.

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