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Find premium brands of used bikes at great prices. The BBB Direct inventory is stocked daily with high-quality used bikes sourced from the nation’s largest trade-in network. All purchases are backed by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.
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Every online store is verified by us. Each store must submit a valid resale license and link their bank account. All funds for online store sales are held in a Bicycle Blue Book escrow account to help ensure that every transaction is safe.
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These are all amazing bikes listed by private sellers. These listings are classified ads so you won't be able to purchase these directly from our marketplace. Filter these bikes using your zip code to ensure you're searching for bikes in your area.
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This is home to all the amazing bikes we mark down even further. Just like everything else on our site, they’re mostly one of one—so if you catch something you like, now’s the time to snag it. Once these bikes are gone, they’re gone for good.