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Start Selling

Whether you want to make some extra cash, clear out the extra bikes from your garage, or expand your business, it’s easy to start selling on Bicycle Blue Book.

Our guide below will help you get started selling and provide more details on pricing your items, choosing your shipping options, setting up how you’ll get paid after a sale, and more. Looking to buy an item? Read our article about Buying on Bicycle Blue Book.

Once you’ve signed up for an account, here’s how to start selling:

  • Select Create a Listing from the Account dropdown in the header.

  • Create a listing and choose the listing type for the item you’d like to sell.

  • Confirm your details and make sure your bank account information is correct.

Please note, for Verified Stores and Direct Sellers you will be asked to verify and link your financial institutions in order to receive funds from your Marketplace sales.

Helpful Articles

Get off to a good start by reading our guides on creating effective listings, setting up your shipping options, and choosing how to get paid after you sell your item.

Signing up for a Bicycle Blue Book account
Find out how to and what kind of Bicycle Blue Book account you should register for.

Creating a listing
Creating a listing is the first step in getting your item in front of buyers. Choose to list your item in Local Classifieds for in-person transactions or register as a Direct Seller to sell nationwide.

Managing your Verified Store
Creating a Verified Store gives you access to features to help you manage sales, desired margins, returns, offers, and messages. Learn about the range of delivery options that you can offer your buyers.

Getting paid for items you sell

After your items sell on the Bicycle Blue Book marketplace, you will see the payment in your bank account. The selling fees for Bicycle Blue Book and our online payment services will be separated from the payment before it arrives in your account.

The Bicycle Blue Book Marketplace charges different fees based on seller type. The breakdown of fees by seller type are outlined below:

Seller TypeFinal Value Fee*Transaction FeeTotal Fees
Local Classified$0.000%No charge
Direct Seller7%2.9% + .30¢9.9% + .30¢
Verified Store5%2.9% + .30¢7.9% + .30¢

* The Final Value Fee is calculated based on the total sold price of the item(s) in the transaction plus tax and shipping.

Manage returns, missing items, and refunds
Learn how to handle any issues that a buyer may have with a purchase.

Select the right shipping options for your items
Learn about the different types of shipping options for your listing.

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