Trade in your old bike for a new one.

Instantly unlock the value of one of your current bicycles by trading it in towards the purchase of a new one at one of our Authorized Trade-in Partners

Put your old bike to use

Instantly unlock the value of your current bike by trading it towards the purchase of a new one.

Save hassle/expenses

Take out the hassle and expense of repairing, cleaning, and shipping your current bike.

Avoid sellers fees

Avoid seller's fees while trying to sell online, not to mention dealing with potential scams.

Support Local Business

Our Trade-in program helps to support local bike shops nationwide.

Immediate valuations

The only program to offer immediate valuations based on millions of used bike sales.

Drive circular economy

Trading in extends the life of your bike and contributes to a more sustainable retail ecosystem.

Have Any Questions?

Check our frequently asked questions for common queries about our trade in program.
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Become a Partner

Become an authorized Bicycle Blue Book Trade in Partner and grow your business further.
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