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Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Filter, add to your wishlist and we’ll let you know when we have it.

Add to Wishlist

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Filter, add to your wishlist and we’ll let you know when we have it.
1990 - 2025
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Add to Wishlist

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Filter, add to your wishlist and we’ll let you know when we have it.

Add to Wishlist

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Filter, add to your wishlist and we’ll let you know when we have it.

Raleigh Bikes for Sale

If you're looking for a great bike at a price that won't break the bank, used Raleigh bikes are an excellent choice. At BicycleBlueBook, we’re dedicated to making cycling more accessible by helping enthusiasts buy Raleigh bikes for a fraction of their original price.
We’re also proud to help cyclists of all skill levels find the perfect bike. Whether you've been a daily bike commuter for years and need a new set of wheels, or you've just learned how to ride a bike and want to explore your city from a new perspective, you'll find what you need within our wide selection of Raleigh bikes for sale.
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The Benefits of Buying Used

When looking at Raleigh bicycles for sale, the first decision you have to make is whether to purchase them new or used. After comparing new and used Raleigh bikes, prices can seem like they cover an astoundingly wide range. Most people come to the same conclusion: why spend more when you can get the same model for a lower price when you buy used?
A factory-fresh name-brand bike is just too far outside the average person's price range to be practical. When you shop used, you can treat yourself to more high-end models with luxurious features that would otherwise be too expensive.
But saving money is only the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few other major benefits of buying used.

Improved Sustainability

Buying a used bike isn’t just good for your wallet — it’s also good for the planet. By buying a used bike, you divert waste from landfills and do your part to lessen the demand for new products. And by meeting up with local sellers, you circumvent the resource-intense shipping process altogether.

Less Depreciation

One of the biggest disadvantages of buying a new bike is that, like cars, they depreciate quickly. Most bikes lose 50% of their initial value within the first year. However, the depreciation slows to approximately 10% every subsequent year. This means that when you buy a used bike, it depreciates at a much lower rate than it would if it were new. If you decide to resell the bike in the future, you’ll recoup a higher percentage of your initial investment.

List of Raleigh Bike Models

Raleigh is a popular bike brand with models for every type of rider. Whether you prioritize comfort, style, and leisure or durability, handling, and speed, you'll find your ideal balance in a Raleigh used bike.
BicycleBlueBook makes it easy to browse a large assortment of used Raleigh bikes for sale, including some of the most popular models.

Raleigh Talus

The Talus is a versatile hardtail mountain bike designed for cross-country riding and light trail use. It has a lightweight frame, front suspension, and 29-inch wheels for efficient pedaling and excellent control on rough terrain. The right Talus model for you will depend on how much stopping power you need. The Talus 1 features rim brakes, while the Talus 2 comes equipped with mechanical disc brakes and the Talus 3 has hydraulic disc brakes.

Raleigh Cadent

The Cadent is a versatile hybrid bike made for both fitness and commuting. It has a lightweight aluminum frame, wide tires, and flat handlebars that offer unparalleled comfort and control. The Cadent is ideal for riders who want a cozy, efficient ride for both city streets and light trails.

Raleigh Merit

If you enjoy endurance cycling or biking long distances, the Raleigh Merit is a great choice. Merit is known for its speed and features a lightweight aluminum frame and drop handlebars that encourage your body to take on a more aerodynamic shape. Its ergonomic saddle makes hours-long endurance rides as discomfort-free as possible.

Raleigh Detour

The Detour is a comfortable, easy-to-ride bike that's perfect for casual riders and commuters. It offers a smooth ride on city streets and light trails and features a step-through frame design, making mounting and dismounting a breeze.

Raleigh Redux

If you live in the city, excellent handling and comfortable riding are likely two of your top priorities. Luckily, the Raleigh Redux checks these boxes and more. This stylish, urban bike is one of the best Raleigh commuter bikes. It features 27.5-inch wheels that accommodate larger, thicker tires than their 29-inch counterparts to give you a smoother, more fluid ride.

Raleigh Tokul

If you're a weekend warrior who's always looking to tackle new challenges and tricky terrains, the Raleigh Tokul can make the perfect riding companion. This hardtail mountain bike was made to take on almost anything, with excellent handling, control, and suspension. The Tokul also has wide handlebars and a dropper seat post for added comfort and control on steep descents.

How It Works

When you're ready to buy a used Raleigh bike, BicycleBlueBook makes it easy to shop with ease and confidence.
To view Raleigh bicycles for sale, click on the brand filter on the left side of your screen and select "Raleigh" from the dropdown menu. You can further refine your search to a specific model or browse the available Raleigh bikes for sale.
If you can't find the specific Raleigh model you're looking for, you can easily add the model to your wishlist. We'll notify you as soon as one becomes available.
Once you find your dream bike, simply add it to your cart to complete the checkout process. If the bike is sold by a third party, you can send the seller a message and work out the logistics of the sale rather than adding the bike to your cart.

Why BicycleBlueBook?

You won't find a better Raleigh bicycle sale than the one that's always going on at BicycleBlueBook. In addition to our great prices, we make it easier than ever to compare specific Raleigh bikes for sale.
You can use our personalized Bike Finder to find the perfect ride for you! When you find a bike you like and want to come back to it later, all you have to do is click on the listing and select "Compare" to quickly add it to your compare list. You can access your compare list by clicking the icon to the left of the shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner. There, you'll find an easily-digestible breakdown of all the models you've saved to aid decision-making.
No matter what model of Raleigh bike you're interested in, BicycleBlueBook is a great place to start. Find your perfect Raleigh bike today!

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