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It’s easy and secure to sell and trade your bike with us.

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Reach thousands of online shoppers by listing your bike for sale on our vast marketplace.
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Instant Payout
Want a quick sale? Get a quick and easy quote for your old bike and receive an instant payment.
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Trade in
Put your old bike to good use by trading it in for a new one at our Authorized Trade in Partners.
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Listing your bike on Bicycle Blue Book
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Huge Outreach
Your listing can attract attention from hundreds of thousands of shoppers.
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Effective Assistance
We will guide you through the listing process to help create an effective listing.
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Safe and Secure
Utilize a safe and secure marketplace to avoid potential scams.
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Simple and Affordable
We make selling your bike convenient, inexpensive, and hassle-free.

How to Sell your Bike on

Read our article for tips on photographing your bike for the best advertisment.
Watch our video on how to pack your bike properly ready for shipping.
5% Bicycle Blue Book final value fee, and 2.9% + $0.30 Paypal transaction fee.
Instant Payout
Quick and easy payment for your used bike
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Get a Valuation
Find your bike in our database and we’ll give you an instant estimated valuation.
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Find a Partner
Enter your zip code and select one of our partners near you to sell your bike with.
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Receive Payment
Take your used bike into your chosen partner and receive an instant Paypal payment.
Trade In
Instant valuations and quick and easy trade ins
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Put your old bike to use
Instantly unlock the value of your current bike by trading it towards the purchase of a new one.
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Save hassle/expenses
Take out the hassle and expense of repairing, cleaning, and shipping your current bike.
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Avoid sellers fees and scams
Avoid seller's fees while trying to sell online, not to mention dealing with potential scams.
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Support Local Business
Our Trade-in program helps to support local bike shops nationwide.
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Immediate valuations
The only program to offer immediate valuations based on millions of used bike sales.
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Drive circular economy
Trading in extends the life of your bike and contributes to a more sustainable retail ecosystem.

Have Any Questions?

Check our frequently asked questions for common queries about our trade in program.
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Become an authorized Bicycle Blue Book Trade in Partner and grow your business further.
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